Air Handler Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement in Keyport, New Jersey

Are you experiencing recurring cooling problems? There might be a problem with the air handler. This is the indoor unit of your AC system. The air handler distributes air throughout your home and houses the blower motor, air filter, and evaporator coil. Master Group HVAC provides professional air handler services throughout the Keyport, New Jersey, area. We can help with unit repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

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How Does the Air Handler Affect Indoor Comfort?

The air handler is designed to circulate air around your home. The blower pulls warm air to the evaporator coil; the coil then cools the air before releasing it back out to your home through the air registers.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the continued efficiency of your air handler is to change out the air filter every one to three months (the timeframe will depend on different factors that include your indoor comfort goals and the type of AC filter you’re using). Dust and dirt can build up inside the air handler over time, and if the filter isn’t replaced regularly it can cause the evaporator coil to freeze and lead to poor cooling efficiency.

Common Air Handler Problems Our Keyport, New Jersey, AC Repair Technicians Can Help You Resolve 

Frozen evaporator coil: When the coil freezes, airflow becomes restricted and you will have trouble getting the cold air you need. Our team is able to safely thaw the coil and provide the necessary tune ups and repairs to get your comfort system back to normal.

Damaged blower motor: An AC filter that isn’t replaced regularly can also cause problems with the blower motor. In addition to frozen evaporator coils, too much dirt or dust accumulating inside the air handler can also result in the blower motor’s operation. If the blower stops working properly, it can end up damaging the compressor.

Loose blower wheel: Do you hear unusual screeching sounds coming from your air handling unit? The blower wheel might be loose. If this happens, turn off your AC to prevent any further damage and call our Keyport, New Jersey, air handler repair technicians to schedule immediate services.

Quality AC and Air Handler Solutions in Keyport, New Jersey

At Master Group HVAC, we know how stressful it can be to experience unexpected indoor comfort problems. If you are having trouble with any part of your AC—whether the air handler or the outdoor unit—don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss your needs and receive the best solution for your home.

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    Great customer service, Adam and team was great we had several loud noises coming from our air duct, he discovered the issue and saved us high costs in repair!!!Great Job guys!!!
    Eric Watson
    I have never seen someone who cares this much about my property! The plumber's knowledge is astonishing. I recommend this company to anyone who want to get their plumbing problems done right
    These guys are real pros. Working with a lot of contractors in different specialties, I was honestly shocked by their responsiveness, efficiency, and quality of work. Adam, in particular, was very knowledgeable and super cool about explaining my issues and getting me the best deals to fix them.These guys came out to assess my (unfortunately) broken 40-year-old furnace within hours of my request, and scheduled to have it totally swapped out, upgraded, and the place cleaned up only two days later. The whole job only took a few hours. It was clearly important to them to fit the job in for me before the approaching cold wave, as I was totally without heat, and they were afraid my pipes would freeze the next day. I had 4 other highly rated local contract groups give me quotes in the same time frame, and these guys were the only ones who seemed genuinely anxious about helping me fix this before things got worse (a very real possibility in this case). They also offered the best price, by far, even when including the water heater they also installed for me, which no one else even offered. Lastly, beyond their attention to detail and desire to leave a well-polished finished product, I really appreciate that they took the time to explain everything as it was going on (at my request).I highly recommend these guys for your HVAC related needs. They did my furnace and water heater, but I have no doubt they’re good for whatever you need.
    Kevin Lyman
    Adam did excellent job of fixing the heating system in my town house which was serviced by a local company. He was kind and knowledgeable.
    kaathambari Selvaraj
    We had a toilet in the yoga studio that flooded the bathroom and into the hallway. We called Adam and Mohamads company. Mohamad called to discuss what was going on so he could make sure he has all the proper equipment when he arrived. He kept in close contact allowing me to text him for updates as he worked since the owner and I could not be there at that time. He fixed the leak quickly and also diagnosed a new issue which he also replaced while he was there. He also let us know before he changed it Thank you very much for your efficiency and constant contact! We appreciate you! Highly recommend!
    Samantha S
    Mohamed was really helpful, he came in on time solved every problem there was with the water heater. Best plumbing and heating company, would recommend.
    Tshidi Manye
    The plumber was very professional and took care of the toilet and the kitchen issues I had. Thank you for respecting my time! Would definitely recommend.
    mustafa kurt
    Mix came in and fix my water heater in like 1 hour. He did a very nice job. God bless them
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    They came to change my faucet and was wonderful throughout the whole process
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