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What Is The Buzzing Sound In My Wall?

Buzzing Sound

No homeowner wants to hear strange sounds coming from the walls, especially buzzing. Buzzing noises are associated with electricity, and unruly electric products are dangerous.

At Master Group, we have Hazlet electricians who can work with home and business owners across Hazlet NJ, providing a variety of electric services. One of the questions we sometimes receive is, “Why do I hear buzzing in my walls?” There are many possible answers, but the most likely reason is likely one of these three common issues:

  • Bad wiring
  • Failing outlet connections
  • Bad switch connections

Here, we’ll talk a little bit about assessment and resolution for buzzing sounds. We’ll also help you understand when to call a professional.

Locating the Buzzing

Before contacting your trusted NJ electrician, you may want to do a little sleuthing to find the cause of the sound. We never recommend removing outlets or switches on your own. Rather, lend an ear to the situation and deduce where the buzzing sounds the loudest.

To do this, turn off all music, movies, and other sounds in your home and have a listen. If the buzzing comes from a particular room, see if you can find the source. This helps your electrician come prepared to deal with the problem.

Can’t find the cause? No worries. That’s what we’re here for. You can call us at Master Group to discuss the buzzing sound, and we’ll come to inspect your home to find the culprit.

Testing for Loudness

If you’re unable to find the cause of the buzzing, you might be able to crack the case by measuring loudness. Think about these questions as you search for the source:

  • Where does the buzzing sound loudest?
  • Is there a time the buzzing stops?
  • Does the buzzing get louder when you use a particular appliance?

If you notice the buzzing growing louder the more plugs you use in an outlet, remove the plugs right away. Disconnect any appliances used at an outlet with a buzzing sound until it can be investigated.

Meters and Bulbs

There are a few times when buzzing in the walls isn’t cause for alarm. The first is florescent bulbs. If you have fluorescent lighting in your home, listen for the buzzing while the light is on and off. If the buzzing stops when the light goes out, try replacing the bulb.

The second is your external gas meter. Have a listen at the meter to determine it as the source of the buzzing. If the sound is emitted from the meter, it could need replacement or repair. This isn’t necessarily an emergency but is best left to the professionals. Our team of electrical technicians is trained to deal with these meters and can diagnose the issue and make repairs as necessary.

Non-Electrical Buzzing Causes

Buildings in NJ are made up of many working parts. There are more than electrical components which could be causing a buzzing sound in your walls.

Some other reasons your home might be buzzing include:

High Air Pressure

The ductwork in your home carries air from room to room through your HVAC system. If the system is running but a vent is closed, or partially closed, it causes air pressure to build. This might make the vents shake or force through small amounts of air which make sounds squeaking through.

If you can’t find the vent that needs to be opened and open it yourself, contact your local HVAC professional.

Water Hammer

The water hammer effect happens when slams into a closed valve. Think about how quickly valves open and close in your plumbing to run your kitchen sink. You turn the water on, and the valve opens; you turn it off and it closes.

If a large amount of water is running through the pipe, it hits against the closed valve. This causes vibrations which in turn could buzz in the walls. This is a plumbing issue. Contact your Woodbridge, Union Beach or Hazlet plumber to learn about a water hammer arrestor or other related products.

Household Pests

Nobody wants to think about unwanted pests infesting their home, but it’s a possible cause for a new buzzing sound. Look for signs of pests, such as droppings, possible entry points, or property damage. Call an exterminator or animal control as needed.

Contact Master Group to Learn More

Are you experiencing a concerning buzzing sound coming from the walls of your home or business in Hazlet NJ? The experienced and professional staff of Hazlet electrical team at Master Group are here to help. Call us or visit us online to speak to any of our qualified electricians in Matawan, Pleasant Valley, Hazlet and all nearby areas and schedule an electrical diagnosis today.

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