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How To Teach Your Children Electrical Safety

Electrical safety

Electricity courses through our homes and businesses every day. It helps us complete simple tasks like toasting bread and complex tasks like filing taxes online. Electricity is a beneficial necessity, but it comes with a myriad of dangers, especially for young children.

The best way to safeguard your kids against electrical danger is education. Teaching children about how electricity works and the best safety practices will protect them.

At Master Group Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we work with families across Hazlet, servicing a variety of electrical needs. We talk to families about electrical safety often. Here are some of the ways to keep your little ones safe and informed.

Read About It

There are a surprising number of children’s books focusing on safety in the home. Using favorite characters and child-friendly language to explain electricity and the dangers it poses keeps kids interested.

Reading about electric safety at story time keeps the mood relaxed. Children are more likely to absorb and retain information when they enjoy the method of delivery. Plus, it’s a nice way to spend time together and reinforce your bedtime routine.

Watch Safety Videos

YouTube and other video streaming services are full of useful educational videos. You can also find some DVDs on subjects like safety at the local library.

Many children find it easier to learn when they see the information rather than just hearing it. Watching a video provides visual learning opportunities.

Talk About Household Rules

Making rules for your home isn’t always enough to keep kids safe. Children are curious and want to know why rules exist.  Talking about household rules and why they matter give rules a sense of importance.

Communication is the best way to make certain your children understand the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe. Ask them questions, and let them ask you some in return. For small children especially, it might help to write down your rules and post them in the home as a reminder.

It’s also important to talk about what to do in an emergency if a rule gets broken and someone gets hurt. Having numbers for emergency services, including 911, near the phone is a good start.

Perform Science Experiments

Whether for the science fair at school or fun at home, science experiments show children how the world works. There are lots of DIY experiments to be found online. You can also buy science kits from toys and bookstores.

Seeing how electricity works gives little ones a better understanding of the dangers involved. While the experiment might be teaching them about powering a clock with a potato, it also shows them how electricity works in a circuit.

Visit the Science Center

Learning about electricity encourages safe behavior. Visit the science center and focus on displays relating to electricity. This is a safe space where children can play, touch, explore, and learn.

Hands-on learning is a great way to keep information locked in and make learning that information fun. Sometimes it helps to hear safety details from another adult or authority figure. If you can catch a live demonstration or show on electricity while there, even better!

Subjects to Cover in Electrical Safety

With these ideas and activities in mind, it’s nice to have a stepping-off point. Some of the main points we recommend touching on during your electricity safety talk include:

1.     Never put anything into an outlet apart from the plug designed to go there

2.     Hold fingers well away from the tines of the plug as it enters the outlet

3.     Keep water separate from all things electric

4.     Never use electric items in or around the bathtub, sink, or toilet

5.     Stay in a vehicle if a power line is down on the road (they’re safely grounded by the rubber tires)

6.     Don’t put metal objects into the toaster (unplug it before trying to retrieve stuck toast)

7.     Always remove plugs at the base, and never pull them by the cord

8.     Never put electric wires in your mouth

9.     Keep electric items away from babies

10.  Follow warning signs

These are only some of the main rules to follow. You can also talk to your children about climbing trees near power lines, playing near power poles, and avoiding transformer boxes and substations.

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